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Posted Friday, November 9, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
I Am Not The Spark

It was a blur
The windshield was frozen with disbelief
A broken heart and cold tears followed you here
And you were sitting on the curb
Right here with me
And you spoke those words that clenched my mind
They would not let me go
Locked my hopes up and threw away the key
But if that were me, what would you do?
No self control, no secrets
This is how we live
This is how it should be
Now, I can read the desires on your lips
Those eyes never shined so bright
A spark of hope has traveled within me
And my skin never felt so cold
Captivated by the idea and I couldn't move
It was fast and it was cloudy
Painkillers pleading to soothe the headache
But I can't find where we are anymore
Medicine cabinets with broken bottles
With mislabeled dates and twisted strings
Sharp glass cutting through my veins
Tell me what you feel


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