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Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
How about something like a melancholic tragic love poem to soothe your heart? Read on.

The Ambiguous Case 

A fear of the dark
Sneaky footsteps across the park
I needed you to be closer
No conversation could satisfy me enough
I wanted that gratification
We sent words through time machines
Traces of laughter haunting me all the way home
And if I thought beyond my ability
I'd fall hard and never be able to get back up
Love is blind and love is dangerous
But I wanted to be closer
No butterflies would escape my stomach
So I suffocated them with anxiety and stress
And then I waited
Come around now and let me in
You waited and I saw the signal smile escape your lips
Your fingers were shaking with disbelief
However, I thought I knew you
The skies never cried so heavily
Neither have I
I wrote a note to myself
To never coat myself with foolishness ever again
Separate ways would soon approach desperation
The sides would not add up.
It was fast, but it was long.
I was smart, but I was wrong.
And you were so close to me
I was a centimeter away, but you were miles behind me
And then I let you go
It was deceiving, but it happened
You got away
And I let it happen


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