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Posted Sunday, September 30, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Shades of Escaping

Alienation is knocking at my door
I find blank pages staring back at me
They’re so close to suffocating me and so I tear them up
But now I have you breathing down my neck
However, I can’t seem to visualize anything around here
But have you ever wondered what it would be like?
To swim beneath everyone’s worries and lay there forever
I didn’t think you knew what it meant
Until the waters rose above me and it was only me
Pacing back and forth until my mind went numb
And then I had to restart this story
I’ll find the words to say when you start listening
But you’re getting so close to me and so I tear you apart
I’ll reflect on the reason why my eyes aren’t watering
Because the truth is that I can’t really stop what’s happening
Even when isolation is eating at my heart
I still read blank pages and wander dim hallways
But I’m not lost and I don’t want to keep them waiting
Well, I’m always running away but I’m trying my best to not escape
Because I often trip over my mistakes and end up peeling like a painful sunburn
To reveal what was always there all along and you’d know what I mean if you’ve ever been alone,
If you’ve never felt content with being alone
But you’ve learned that being lonely is your only escape


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