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Posted Thursday, September 13, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
HI, I wrote this poem a couple weeks ago and I realized that I haven't posted any poems up yet. I find that strange because I love poetry. Well, I hate reading in general, but I don't mind reading poetry. It's quick and easy and actually has meaning to it in like a page of words. I prefer writing because I like having control of the story and whatnot. I called this one "Impossibilities".


It feels like fire is burning right through me.
And I can almost feel it but I’m too busy rising above everyone else
Trying to keep up with the inconsistency of echoes in the background.
I try to avoid those brown eyes that stare at me.
They make me shake and then silence deserts me.
But I don’t care, we are nothing but suicidal,
But now he’s getting closer each day and I can’t keep up.
Do I run away?
I’m willing to give up everything.
Everything is impossible, but it’s so simple.
No, it’s not that easy, no one is getting away just yet.
But now my world is caving in and it’s falling apart quite quickly.
This is where it ends; this is where I become forever.
No one is here because in my eyes, I am alone.
I am the only one and now all I need is a few cents.
I can’t keep waiting like this, skipping over cracks.
Do I run away now?
Shaky chandeliers are right above me and the vultures are waiting.
What are we now and how do we carry on?
I’m about to fall off the edge of nowhere into my loneliest dreams.
My heart is bursting at the seams and I am shedding cold tears.
Poison is filling up the inside of my mouth.
I couldn’t think of anything else but what if I could?
Because unless my place isn’t next to you,
I think it’s time to run away now.


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